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Marketing is the company’s growth engine. We recognised an obvious demand for a Virtual CMO, as most startups and SME either outsource to third-party agencies or try to build and execute a marketing strategy inhouse.

Outsourcing can deliver consistent results, but it generally comes at a steep price. Typically, marketing decisions are made based on the existing budget, not on what is best for the company. It’s possible that the company isn’t big enough to justify hiring a senior marketing executive or putting together a marketing team.

Failure to develop and implement a strategic marketing plan restricts growth and places additional strain on sales to acquire leads when they should be selling.

Hence Digital Go Where came up with a 360 degree marketing solution to help any business in their growth journey.

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Meet The Team

Bhargavi Rathi

Bhargavi Rathi

CEO & Founder

Scaling startups to MNCs; Bhargavi has 12+ years of experience in local & International Digital Marketing & Strategy Building. She has mastered the art of Customer Acquisition through Digital Channels.

Ritika Gupta

Ritika Gupta

Creative Director

A rare combination of creative and analytical mind, Ritika has 6+ years of experience, she has a keen eye for detail to conceive and implement concepts, designs, guidelines, and strategies.

Swati Mittal

Swati Mittal

GTM Director

A Marketing & Sales professional with a proven track record in handling complex sectors across the globe, to meet business and customer objectives and scaling business.


Sonia Walia

Business Development Manager

Sonia has 9+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing. She makes sure every customer success and generate qualified lead to scale up business.


Sonam Segal

HR Director

Helping organization's build technology practice with best industry talent She make them assets to the organization focusing on Growth, Integrity and Long term commitment.

Devyani Kumari

Devyani Kumar

Content Marketer

Building a bank of content pieces; Devyani has over 15 years of hands-on experience navigating the competitive landscape of writing and lead funnel creation.

Punit Lakra

Punit Lakra

Engineering Manager

With 8+ years of experience Punit designs, implements, and refines product. He has build multiple products in different domains by using AI/ Machine learning.

Gunjan Sharma

Gunjan Sharma

Graphic Designer

Design is about innovation and storytelling; with over 4+ years of experience, Gunjan has worked with a variety of brands to improve their user experience Via UX/UI

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